Thursday, June 1, 2017

Global warming is real

Either we must adapt to the changing climate around us or pay the price for aimlessly exploiting and harming our natural resources with our lives. Or paying with our lives would be an overstatement. President Trump has opted out of the Paris climate deal, which could ease restrictions on carbon emissions. Yet, some industries are still cutting back on the emissions, which pleases me for the sake of our already fragile planet. If I were an industrialist, I'd respect the environment as much as possible  without ample dependence on wood, oil and more critically, in my view is fading into obsolescence, coal.

I have deep concerns for honeybees, polar bears and other fauna and flora on the edge of extinction, which is why I hope God has a rule for such a crisis. Evolve or die. Unless animals evolve by having the ability to fire ice beams to repair the North Pole and The South Pole, it's not gonna be a pretty life for those affected by climate change. But the ice beam front is but a sci-fi fantasy.

I find climate change to be insuperable, even though the downpours we had in California this winter washed away our horrible drought and with it, my worries. But if the drought comes back within 3 years tops, it'll be way too soon. The Republican Party wants us to care too little about global warming. But the Democratic Party wants us to worry too much about it. From this, I've learned that we don't need government control over industrial interests. If industries are capable of respecting our environment no matter the cost or difficulty, that makes me prouder to be a centrist than before!

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