Sunday, April 12, 2015

Internet... UGH!

Usually I spend my days on the internet because I look up to it as an all-powerful encyclopedia. But right now, I'm paying the price for my own addiction to it. What I loathe about the Internet is not gaming, private stuff or even Facebook. There are news articles that seem to distort reality with over statements and sometimes under statements. Mainly in politics and climate change. I'm working to supress this habit to see what's going on in the world because the more I worry about something, the more it worries me. I feel like I'm having a heart attack after doing this compulsive research on the things mankind has no power to change or stop. I take deep breaths to ease the anxiety and then I'm forced to take steps to keep all these unwanted thoughts out of my head.

On the Internet, I come across what some people claim to be facts. The worst type of facts, you ask? There are facts which I wish weren't! For example, politicians, whether Republican or Democratic, sometimes have to make up stuff to ensure the success of their political agendas. It's a fact I wish wasn't. Scientists seemingly overestimate the impact of global warming. I could be mistaken, but that too is a fact I wish wasn't. And finally, some people tend to be sarcastic on things they don't know completely about. Like politics. Or maybe, as my uncle told me "people can consider some statements 'facts' even though they're not entirely true". That's considered a fact I wish wasn't.

Sarcasm is what I'd consider the worst kind of stupidity that's been mucking up the Internet all over! Sure, it could be used when dealing with stress or any bad situation. But use it wisely and see to it you're not a smartass. That just makes you less popular. Some people can call you stupid for having views that don't reflect on that person's views. Though I can't quite change that, whatever their problem is with divisive beliefs, it's their problem and theirs alone. Not mine. Come to think of it, some people get the urge to make sarcastic statements out of jealousy, frustration or worry. But I can't change that, either, no matter how hard I try doing so.

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