Monday, March 2, 2015

Worry is a poison

The more you worry about something, the more it ultimately worries you. But it's to be expected among moms, dads, spouses and grandparents. I've been worrying about things I don't have the power to fix, such as the California drought, which I won't accept as a new normal! However, I started working on resisting my worries. I've been obsessed with the one thing that sometimes causes intrigue, but sometimes worry on top of it: the news. Are they facts? Probably not, but seems likely. Political conservatives worry about this nation being marred by liberals because the latter doesn't follow rules based on truth and facts.

I think the news is promoting more worry about many things than before thanks to a different type of poison: bias. When it comes to climate change, some articles say droughts will persist for another 5 years. That's bias! Some articles claim carbon capture in vehicles won't work. Although it does work, it's not quite as affordable as we thought. That's partially bias. But even without bias, there comes an old saying that goes a little something like this: You can't handle the truth.That means you would end up hearing statements you'll eventually wish wasn't the truth. Like in politics, conservatives say liberalism is a mental disorder. Now I'm barely beginning to see how it makes sense. Liberals seem to write articles that support negative outcomes (like "this will only get worse, scientists say" or "situation rapidly getting worse") in an effort to make their political enemies listen on certain issues, like climate change. I hope liberalism is a mental disorder in terms of politics. Otherwise, I wish someone would state that conservatism is a mental disorder in politics.

If all you wanna see is good news, then I'd recommend checking out the GNN or! It seems to be the only worthwhile news source I can rely on. Whenever I feel the urge to check on something that will worry me, I'll just shake it off.

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