Monday, January 5, 2015


It's the name of a comedy duo on YouTube consisting of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. If you're interested in company, this pair will do nothing to disappoint you!

Now I'd like to speculate this year's annual Food Battle, where Ian always chooses a pink frosted sprinkled donut while Anthony chooses a random food product. Candy, mostly. Now onto speculation!

Ian's donut vs Anthony's cotton candy. Now here's how it works. One food must do more everyday tasks than the other, starting with...

Ian chooses... Rocket fuel!

Ian gets liftoff after jamming his donut in a small bottle rocket!

Anthony's rocket fuel is a bomb! ✅

Next, Anthony chooses... a CD!

Ian puts the donut in a boom box, but it skips rather erratically, so, a donut zero for him. ❌

Anthony's attempt to spin a jam plays a song called Cotton Candy by Ronnie Bell! ✅

What's on Ian's menu? Boxing gloves!

Anthony takes a shot at a large, muscular man, but his cotton candy flurries don't do it justice. ❌

Ian takes his, but the muscle man resists the temptations of the donuts and throws in the towel, earning the former a KO! ✅

Ian demands that he wave the flag! But that's Anthony's next everyday task.

Uh oh. Ian's flagship food falls to the ground flat! Wait a minute, HE MADE HIS DONUT FLAT TO BEHAVE LIKE A FLAG! ✅

Anthony raises his flag, but the cotton candy crumbles to pieces. Time to wave the... He put up another! With a cotton candy image on it! ✅

Ian chooses... Disguise!

Ian puts the donut on his nose in an attempt to sneak into an exclusive club, but a guard yells "Hey, no freaks allowed!" Sorry, Ian. ❌

Anthony makes a cotton candy beard. The guard gives poor Anthony the same treatment... Or not! The guard is delighted at the pink beard and shows him in! ✅

Anthony dares Ian to chop down a tree!

Ian uses the donut to take down a large tree, but it ain't got the chops... Wait a minute. TIMBUUUUUUUUUUUR!! ✅

Anthony attempts to mold his cottony fluff into an ax, but that doesn't work. He makes a chain of it, but no use. And last, a chainsaw. However, it disintegrates as it touches the large tree. Careful, Anthony. You might get a splinter. Ouch! ❌

What next, Hecox? A grenade or a stun baton? The latter!

Ian (as a cop) catches a random man attempting to do a drug trade. He gets his donut and zaps the scumbag! Then, he relentlessly charges him with a crime, by zapping the helpless hoodlum repeatedly. I'd call police brutality, but... ✅

Anthony tries to use the cotton candy to subdue a thief, but it doesn't even fizz. But he quickly installs some new batteries inside and it SPARKS! ✅

Padilla says smile for the camera!

Ian puts film inside his donut camera. He takes a snapshot of hot girls, but their faces are replaced with donuts. Ian likes that. ✅

Anthony installs a spy camera inside his cotton candy to take a picture of hot girls. But the girls approach Anthony and humiliate him! Verbally! Then, the candy says, "You're busted, bitch!" Followed by maniacal laughter! Even though cotton candy and cameras don't mix... ✅

Ian wants his food to become... A 1-Up Mushroom

The 1-Up cotton candy approaches Anthony. Resurrection... SUCCESS!! ✅

Ian samples a donut 1-up. But nothing happens. BALLS! ❌

Well folks, this looks like a red hot heated battle and speaking of heated... Anthony selects a HEATER!!

Ian warms his hands with a donut in cold weather. I HATE WOOL, says Ian. ❌

Anthony builds a tent with his cotton candy. Looks cozy, Anthony! ✅

Ian decides to go for a nuclear bomb, but a judge calls foul and disqualifies him from the game because WMDs are strictly prohibited from sporting competitions! That makes Anthony the WINNER OF FOOD BATTLE 2015!!!

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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