Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Games over movies

It seems to me that video games have proven to be more entertaining than movies are. Today, dad asked if I wanted to see "Interstellar", but I refused. Yet somehow, I regret it. Hopefully I'll get another chance to see it this weekend. I refused because I was playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It's one of the few or very first to feature one of the most renowned actors, Kevin Spacey. Military-based shooter games only appeal to me because of their gripping story campaigns and the Call of Duty series is one of them. Crysis is another of my favorite shooter series because of its stunning physics and graphics.

Recently, I caught interest in one particular movie known as True Romance starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. It also starred the late James Gandolfini.

But I changed my mind to see that movie and it was AMAZING!!! Not because I understand what's going on, but I got to see what it's like to enter a wormhole and a black hole.

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