Sunday, November 23, 2014

Drought nonsense

Don't get me wrong. We've got a satisfactory amount of rain as of late. But some are claiming the drought will only get worse in spite of that. I don't like climate change or global warming, but whoever hates nihilists of climate change a lot more than I do must have written this garbage ( But I think I've figured out how it makes sense. There seems to be two types of drought. I'm gonna name the drought where we see substantially less rainfall as type A and how our lakes are drying out as type B. Type A contributes to the severity of so-called megadroughts, which have happened here in California for up to 100 stinking years! I realize rain can be ruinous to some outdoor enthusiasts, but it's like a lullaby each time I hear it.  The past two years have been dry and horrible, thanks to the type A drought, which I don't wanna see again. We've gotten some rain, but we still have to conserve water, because they say... It's only the beginning.

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