Friday, November 7, 2014

Damn warmth. Damn dryness.

Looks like California is starting to live up to its name. Sometimes I wish I had an all-knowing crystal ball to see into the future. Yet alas, the more I worry about this goddamn drought we're in, the more it worries me. But I can't help it because if I know the absolute truth about California's future, I'll find security. Some news sources say the drought will just worsen and worsen until California is turned into a dry wasteland. Heck, they say some "experts" say the same thing. But note to self: never trust the experts!

There is something that has given me a slight degree of appeasement, which is the fact that California has suffered droughts in the past, mainly for 6 years. But some say California suffered "megadroughts", which are extraordinarily long ones that last for more than 20 years! California would be doomed if we were in a megadrought right now. In my perspective, megadroughts excel in both severity and duration. It is a big threat to farmers here who grow most of America's crops and the home of much of our livestock. I've been wishing for snow, but I realize this is a Mediterranean climate, meaning we hardly get snow and see rainy days in the winter instead. I wanna see rainy days at a normal rate like we used to.

Maybe I should move to the east coast, which is where the seasons are flawless and the climate is normal. If this drought continues for too much longer, beyond 2017, it will be the last straw because I hate warm days in the fall or winter. It makes the two cooler seasons lose its meaning here in California. Much of the west coast is suffering summer like weather in the fall and it burns me up both literally and figuratively.

In the meantime, let's pray we get back the normal rate of rainy days we once had in California.

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