Wednesday, November 26, 2014

California or New York?

Yesterday, we started our red-eye flight from Oakland to NYC. I tried getting some sleep, but the airplane's turbines were so noisy I've been trying to fall asleep without success. It ain't the first time I stayed up so late as to play my games, watch comedy shows, et cetera, but it's clearly the first time I encountered a hell of a brain shock going on in my head. Or whatever it was, it felt like small, unstable arcs flaring up in my head! Eventually, we got some overdue sleep once we checked in. Just a bit though, which is better than sleeping the whole day away. Saturday, we leave by layover flight, which is time consuming as the plane lands in a different location for scheduling constraints. Back to the red-eye method, I could have gotten some daytime sleep to be fully charged to survive a late night flight. Before then, I thought I requested time off, only to bump into a misunderstanding which has pushed me to go to work.

What I like most about New York is it gets consistently cold during the cool seasons. Unlike California, where it rains oftentimes, except in the mountainous areas. I used to have a grudge against rain until I noticed we were in a damn drought. I am fairly pleased we got more rainy days in the cool seasons, but let's hope we never get a shortage of rainfall again.

That's one reason I dream of moving to New York, but I lived in California for so long it seems my home is sealed here. I don't wanna move to the city, where crime may lurk, but somewhere in the state where there's snow. If I were snowed in my own home there, I would use a flamethrower to clear the blockage.

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