Monday, November 24, 2014

Bye, 2014!

It's been a helluva decent year, with a usual number of ups and downs. Let's start with one of my best achievements I've made in 2014.

I saved my money to buy myself a gaming rig, or PC if you will. They say it beats gaming consoles. As it turns out, it's probably true because of upgradable hardware, Steam, modding, you name it. Unfortunately, even gaming PCs, or those with the present generation or future generation features, are not all powerful. I've had slow speed download drama when downloading games for Steam or browsing the Internet. I think a better service plan would fix this. Not that I can afford it right now. Next, I did the same for my new iPad! The one I used to have had apps that require iOS 7 or iOS 8 to use and wouldn't let me update to that new software. It's what I consider a sleazy maneuver concocted by Apple to encourage customers to purchase their premium scraps. But I should never of called them scraps since my iPad is worth the $600+ I struggled to save up. I'm thinking of getting me an iPhone 6 as well, since that has a much bigger screen than the one I have. Also, I'd like to share that my mom and dad were married for over 30 years and April turned that same age!

I went to Knott's Berry Farm to celebrate my sister's birthday. I'm talking about the middle of five siblings. What I liked most about the park was the roller coasters. I had a feeling I couldn't fit on one of them, but I did fortunately. Speaking of which, I went on a diet, which was to consume no more than 2,000 calories. It was challenging, but I lost about 25 lbs! Now... I dream of going under 300 lbs. Although I'm starting to realize New Years resolutions are obsolete, I'm gonna diet again. Much less, exercise too.

Now to one of the most calamitous moments California went through. One I didn't realize we were in until 12 months ago. You guessed it. Drought. For over 4 years, California has been receiving abnormally low precipitation. Crops have been getting expensive, our lakes were draining to dry levels and wildfires intensified. Stanford University has found a bubble of air pressure nicknamed the "ridiculously resilient ridge" is to blame. It has been preventing storms from reaching California, leaving the golden state parched. But now it seems to have gone away. Let's hope we never have super low precipitation again. In other words, I have a theory droughts happen once every 20 years.

To conclude this blog, I felt so full of life having a job, not just because of money, but because of the friends I've made.

2015, here we come!!!

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