Monday, October 27, 2014

Spending habits

They can sabotage your independent life if not controlled. I've spent a majority of my money on games and something secret. But now I'm starting to feel less impulses to spend so frivolously. I felt the urge to spend money on private stuff, but that's starting to lose its appeal. I could get some of that for free if I'm lucky enough. I feel impulses from one other thing, though. Electronic devices. I bought an Xbox 360 wireless controller that didn't come with a wireless receiver. Stupid Microsoft, charging us extra for one of those! But it's not worth it to make a big deal of some companies that gotta "rip off" customers to stay afloat.

If there's one more thing I should stop spending money on, it's snacks. This is a good bet for my diet, which I've been screwing up on. Lattes and frappucinos pack as many calories as a double cheeseburger and I know it for a fact. Smoothies pack that many calories, too. I've been using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone and it recommended that I stay below 99 grams of sugar.

I'm less than a month away from traveling to the big apple. You guessed it. New York. My dad grew up here. He even had a friend who was a firefighter that died in 9/11. A Nintendo store is here, as well. Should I spend the majority of my money on games? Or is it not worth it to patronize game developers anymore than it is to spend on a select few souvenirs from New York?

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