Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Liberalism - what does it really mean?

As such, I hate those who claim liberalism is a disorder marked by lust for control or sheer ignorance. It's slanderous to treat liberals as being mentally ill. But now I'm starting to figure out how the hell it makes sense.

Liberal economics can easily derail some or most businesses. I already know the basics of economics. One of them is supply and demand. The higher the demand for goods and services, the higher the costs. The higher the supply, the lower the costs. To many of us in the world, better prices means lower prices, except when there are more urgent matters that have the highest prices ever. Nobody would respect a corporation that charges an excessively high price for goods or services they have a surplus in, which could only imply greed. But it wouldn't be a good idea to always have low prices on goods and services, no matter the supply or demand, because that leaves a deficiency in funds. Without funds, you won't be able to hire new employees or keep up with the costs of those who work for you. If I were in a deficiency in money in my own business, I would either have to charge double for some products or lay off some of my employees. Walmart had drawn some fame as well as controversy for their low-prices policy. Some Walmarts have their own in-store McDonald's, to help make more money, but unfortunately in return for an interest rate. Moving on to liberal politics.

Liberalism is a political philosophy that advocates progressivism and reform-ism, as well as protecting others liberties. I've gotten the feeling that I've been protecting others' freedoms at the cost of my own or at the cost of someone else's. I only believe in reform and progress for the common good to make America a paradise, even in its government. But some either see progressivism as the opposite on some values or they prefer the opposite, reverting such values into what they once were. Obamacare, for example, is famous for helping the poor get health insurance, but detested by conservatives for taxing the middle class. That depends on how much money you're making. The more you make, the more you owe in taxes. Otherwise, we're in a world where the greedy will thrive and the poor will struggle in futility when instead... they languish! Now for some of my points of view on the other political issues.

I see no risk of protecting same-sex couples from discrimination. But they think the bible is a rule book written by God. It isn't. Instead, it's a book of fairy tales relating to religion. That and workplace lives don't mix. In fact, religion shouldn't be brought anywhere, except private schools. Gays and lesbians may be a bitter pill to swallow in society, even for me, but if they're born homosexuals, there is no point in changing that.

Gun control has something to do with the second amendment, which is the right to bear arms. If I were congress, I would rewrite the second amendment as "the right to bear arms, except to victimize the innocent and weak or unleash your hatred at someone". If you must own a gun, do it for the protection of yourself and others and not for invading, extorting or other criminal activities.

Abortions is one of the more complicated issues. An abortion is a termination of a woman's pregnancy at the sacrifice of her unborn child. I think abortions are different from infanticide, which is the killing of a newborn baby after a 9-month pregnancy tenure. Abortion is the killing of the fetus before it's ready for birth. Do you think it's revolting of me to defend a woman's decision to about her pregnancy at the cost of a baby? Before you answer that, answer this: Do you believe a woman is ready to handle the burden called unwanted parenthood after being raped?

Climate change. A deviation of the normal pattern of weather we face. Take our drought ordeal for example. All we can do is hope for this dry weather to cease and desist and get some good rain like we used to. I was hoping for cooler winters and the good news is it's as cold as it's supposed to be, 50 degrees tops. The bad news? Drought. Climate change is, in my book, more of a trouble-maker than a godsend. In 2014, much of America had experienced snow, even through the end of June! How can that be? Is this because of the lack of snowfall that occurred three years earlier?

To conclude this post, I suspect the unemployed living off government welfare is caused by hard workers having to pay more taxes to support healthcare, social security and... Well... Food stamps. Maybe that's how liberalism works today. Any thoughts?

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