Tuesday, September 30, 2014

F*** the drought

The one that's been going on here in California is literally sucking our lakes dry and even threatens to turn our groceries into premiums. This is all thanks to that triple-R! Well, it's short for the ridiculously resilient ridge that bars precipitation from reaching our parched California and that needs to go away by either 2015 or 2016. So help me God, pick one. But I seem to be getting ahead of myself here...

As long as I worry about what the drought is destroying or hurting, I face life's worst in the absolute worst way possible. I felt impatient, devastated and caring too much about climate change. I once believed global warming was a hoax. But since we have warm days all the time in this Mediterranean climate, even in winter, I'm starting to think it's real. Maybe the Earth is changing all the time and we won't be able to control climate change or global warming for a few centuries.

I think the time has come for me to stop worrying and pray the drought will end by either 2016 or earlier. Heck, I'll even bet some so-called scholars might have some facts wrong.

I feel like we've paid the price for the human race caring so much about each other, preventing casualties of the good humans and keeping the evil ones living to face up for what they've done by making a huge mess of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Some people like me want to curb the human population by 7 billion to 5 billion. Some would rather live with the countless lives that flood our planet, at the expense of other species.

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