Sunday, August 17, 2014

Outlook at work - seems somber

This Wednesday, Domnita will be leaving nifty thrift to teach at the Futures center. If she enjoys teaching more than working at a thrift store, I felt better already. But still it's not gonna be the same without her. Though I still got Ina, John and much less, Sheila.

My favorite part of Nifty Thrift is the cashiering business, because I can greet customers face to face. But I am most of the time stuck working at the back refurbishing items, pricing clothing and processing boxes filled with stuff. If I asked if I could be at the register most of the time, I'd be complaining. To top it off, we have one more cashier besides Regina and me. She has the same name as the one who quit her job and is, as far as I can imagine, going back to school.

I've worked hard to the point of being at the register a bit more frequently. Or am I working hard to the point of earning a vacation?

No matter. As the old saying goes. Productivity is key at work, not dignity.

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