Thursday, July 31, 2014

Metroid Wii-boot

Metroid is Nintendo's sci-fi franchise in its arsenal of gaming legends. In 1986 or 87, we witnessed the birth of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter raised on Zebes, who becomes the galaxy's greatest warrior who takes on space pirate and a swarm of life-sucking parasites called Metroids.

But since Nintendo is struggling to get back on top, I figured Metroid could use a reboot. By a reboot, I mean seeing Metroid as a first-person horror shooter with the same sci-fi elements as well as those from the legendary Metroid Prime trilogy. I would see Metroids as scary and hungry enemies of Samus Aran that threaten the galaxy. I would also like it mature-rated, but not to the extent of the Dead Space series. Additionally, I'd prefer if the main antagonist of the reboot were a corrupt CO instead of a fire breathing dragon called Ridley or a Godzilla-esque beast with spikes on its belly and three eyes!

It seems like Nintendo is squandering their canonical resources in the Metroid franchise. That's how the idea came in my head. Star Fox could use a reboot, too. Won't be the first time, but there's a Wii U game of Star Fox. Hope it's worth to check out.

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