Thursday, July 24, 2014

I wish I was omniscient

Even more so than wishing I was omnipotent. To be omniscient means you're all-knowing. Can't say that's possible because as long as you live, you're bound to learn and then you die without the chance of being omniscient. Speaking of which, here's what I'm talking about.

When you're omniscient, you can foresee the very future countless years ahead of time. You can also see how a government body is performing at ruling a country. And you can even find the ultimate solution to global warming/climate change. But I wouldn't be omniscient to read the minds of others, reveal anyone's intentions or to be omnifortunate. All-lucky, that is!

The internet....

Is not absolutely omniscient. In fact, some articles I see on the news are either a fog of lies or a fog of irrationality in the case of politics. There are fogs of irrationality in other topics, too.

Some conservatives say liberalism is a disorder and I am disgusted that many Americans support this blasted theory! I don't care if it makes you less defensive of your own decisions, whether they're selfish or selfless. I am just plain offended by those who say it. If I were omniscient, I would find the answer to this dilemma. Then I could prove to the world that liberalism never was, nor should it be called, a disorder! There needs to be reform in some areas! There needs to be equality to help all Americans thrive in the harshest conditions!

If you're still reading, I'm sure you know conservatism isn't a mental disorder, either. But it can cause worry of potentially "destructive" changes that will occur in time. But don't let that dissuade you from being a conservative or a Republican. Liberalism can be dangerous, too, though. When it comes to financial data, medical records or private affairs.

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